TIRA established on 1st of April 2011 register no.(2044) at the ministry of Culture, since then TIRA main objective is to promote Tamazight language and culture, also civic education, human rights, local governance.

TIRA beneficiaries are youth, children and women of the Amazigh communities in the mountain region. Collaborating and cooperating with other local NGO/CSO along with the local government/Municipal. TIRA succeed to implement various cultural activities, Like Children ART and Photography competition, also workshops to introduce art and theater within the educational system.


Ifran is 120 km south-west of Tripoli. It is about 800 mt above sea level. One of the cities of infusen region that ancient Judo-Amazigh and Jewish communities inhabited and settled for long years ago since the second fall of ירושלם Urshalim temple by Empire Titus 70 BC.


Jadu is an Infusen region city, it has very old buildings remaining and places of interest include the natural spring, waterfalls, streams. The local people of Jadu have established a museum that is considered among the best museums in the region, embodies the Amazigh heritage and architecture of the region.


Ferrseṭṭa  ⴼⴻⵔⵔⵙⴻⵟⵟⴰ
This city is located on Infusen region about 500 mt above sea level, the closest city to it is Kabaw. Ferrsetta has a very rich of ancient heritage still these monuments exist, especially the Donatism era and the early age of Ibadism in the Infusen region.